Rental Application and Credit Check

I would like to rent to a tenant and I was wondering if someone has sample rental application that I can use to get information from the tenant.
Also, where can I check the eviction and credit check on the web. A website that is geared towards landlords.
Thanks a bunch.


Check your e-mail…

We use for screening…it has worked well for us and the price is reasonable.


I use CitiCredit and it has worked really well. You can choose how much information you want on your prospective tenant such as credit, past evictions, criminala record, etc. The application forms are available on the site for free also. This site will also let you print a letter stating if you will rent, won’t rent and the reason why, to mail to the applicant.

Thanks Keith. How do I check the financial and employment information. How much do I charge for the application. I am not going to pay for the running the check?
Also, what is the norm on the upfront funds that tenant has to come up with? I usually ask for first/last month rent and one month security deposit.
The rent is 1450, so upfront cost for the tenant will be 4350. Does that sound reasonable?

You’re welocme for the application…

I call the employer, the credit and personal references…I ask the employer straight up, “If you had a $70,000 rental property, would you rent to him (or her)?”. This can be a very telling question, especially if there is a hesitation…! Actually, most have been honest with me.

I don’t charge for application…the credit check is like $12 or $15…I usually tell them that I am going to pick the best candidate on such and such a date…this weeds out a lot that know their stuff is weak…they usually won’t even submit the application.

If you charged over $4000 here, you’d never rent your property…for $4K most folks could buy using a low income program. I charge the first month’s rent and a security deposit that is NOT the same as the monthly rent amount. I also leave no doubt in the Rental Contract that the deposit and the rent are not related! I also rent to mostly military and have had great “luck” in that area…


Why don’t you use the courts website to run a background check for free? I use the circuit court site and I can see if they have judgements, liens, etc. I call their employer as well and that is all I use. No need for a credit check. I know they’re credit (most of the time) is suspect anyways. At least that’s the assumption I work under. If their record is good and they have a decent job then that works for me.


I agree Nate, that is what we use, well my fiance does it for me. But i had two applicants last week that both their apps were great apps. and i didnt really know what to do. I was basically going to flip a coin on who gets it, but i decided to have her do the background check through the courts and one applicant had over 34 different charges against him, so that made it really easy for me.