rental agreement

I am new in rental business.

I am seeking advice where do I get or buy a copy of standard Apartment lease contract?
I read somewhere about Texas Apartment Association having the lease contract format that I could use?

Hope someone will help me .
Thank you,


I got a book from the Library called Texas Lanlord Tennant Laws.
It was pretty up to date and has all the contracts and forms in it that you need, and it’s FREE ! I hope this help.


Howdy Austin01:

You are not supposed to use the TAA form unless you are a TAA member. Most bigger management companies are members. I was never a member and used their forms all the time. Been to court on many evictions and was never asked if I was a card carrying member of TAA. I do not think the police care either if I was a member of TAA. TAA will not sell you a copy of their precious forms but I bet you can get one some where from a friend or Realtor or a management company. They do spend some big bucks on writing the forms but they get big fees too. I feel they should make them available to all landlors to help cover their costs. Any way enough preaching for tonight. Hope I do not get arrested tonight for using the TAA forms 5 years ago.

Thank you Gary and Ted for you comment.
It sure helps