Rent To Own Options To Flip?

Last nite i dreamed of using rent to own opportunities to flip properties. I woke up feeling inspired like starting a career as a real estate investor can actually happen because I don’t have any business credit established yet and my personal; credit is out for now. is this possible? :cool

What a great dream you had!!! I love it!!!

Listen, I think it’s a great business. (See my username and website. So I am a little biased!)

I really believe there is no easier way to make quick chunks of cash in this market than flipping lease option contracts.

And to be fair, there are many good people who teach this biz. You need to find someone who fits your style. In addition to my site, look up the following folks: Wendy Patton (, Todd Toback (, John Jackson (, Brian Gibbons (, Claude Diamond (, MichaelC ( All good guys. All teach it a little different.

Best piece of advice - get a good mentor / coach. And take action. Just do it!

Take care, Joe

I have had dealings with a few of the gurus mentioned either by browsing through their materials or through direct contact and you will learn a lot from Wendy, Claude or Michael.

Great advice guys but you missed one. Adam K’s ( Herbster