Rent out Nice House for Parties?

Has anyone thought about taking a REAL NICE HOUSE!!!.. and renting it out for special parties and weddings, for maybe $3,000+ for the weekend? This could produce $12,000+ a month, paying for the house and profit. For an additional fee, it could be the honeymoon spot too.

You could have Christmas, New Years, Birthday, Corporate Promotional, Surprise, Super Bowl … PARTIES. Weddings, Reunions, Training, Hideaway, Graduation … EVENTS.

That might work out alright, but it seem there would be a lot of liability/insurance issues. If hundreds…maybe thousands of people running around the house one of them is bound to injure themselves at some point. You’ll want to make sure insurance will cover all that…or it could wipe out all of your profit. Also, the neighbors would most likely give you trouble as well.

It is an interesting idea though.

People are already doing that–and it is a great idea.
I went to my niece’s wedding on Whidbey Island, across from Seattle 2 years ago. They had rented a gorgeous house with gardens for a week. The price was somewhere in the $3,000-$5,000 range. The wedding site was decorated, the wedding and reception held, and then they honeymooned right there for a few days.

The house I believe belonged to a couple of professional people who bought it for retirement. They had cleaning and yard help to maintain it. It was beautifully furnished and lovely in every way.

There are internet sites where you can list your furnished house for rent. The price range is from ultra luxury to simple Mom-and-Pop rustic cabins. Movie stars, film crews, family reunions, weddings, graduation parties, quinceineras, bar mitzva parties, executive retreats, hotel over-flow. There are many potential customers for a fully-furnished events house.

I have a San Diego friend who unfortunately learned that her furnished house had been used in a quite famous porno movie. She had friends who recognized her view and new drapes!