Renatus/ Novue Riche ???

Hey everyone, I just was contacted by one of these so called real estate education schools, is this really worth it for 16 grand, to learn about real estate investing. I am not thinking about joining one of these schools, just trying to get some outlook of other individuals. Or is this Renatus/ Nouvue Riche stuff mlm masked behind real estate investing. :help

NR is a scam don’t waste your time with them. Use that $16K on actual property not some worthless school who’s goal is to suck as much money as they can.

Thank you so much for that info, they have been working hard to recruit me.

That topic has been discussed ad nauseum. Use the “search” function at the top of this page under the banner advertisement , below your screen name.

Run, run very fast :deal

Just make sure you’re running away from them!!

I think I’ve gotten a decent RE education for a couple beers, the internet, time and. $15 in library fines.
Would the 16K education be better: probably
Would it be worth 16K: probably not



I had a number of NR grads contact me about doing lease options on their wonderful investment houses years ago, and they were absolutely clueless about RE, but were sold a dream of making money, but the money comes from recruiting people. I couldn’t help these poor souls because they were so incredibly upside down on these houses. When I asked where in the world they were guided on their purchases, since they had a number of houses in the same area, that’s when NR came up. I hadn’t heard of them before, but boy…what a freakin mess…

They come and go here…usually in pairs…two brand new ‘experts’ one acting as the ‘wingman’ for the other. It’s usually quite comical…