Removing Wallpaper

Hello Everyone,

Thanks so much for the info from my last post. You are awesome and the reason I put this deal together!

Does anybody have an easy home remedy to remove wallpaper from plaster? The wallpaper was put up in the 70’s. and looks a little out dated.

Also, is there a good place to buy bulk carpet?

Thanks for your help!

This might help you…,16588,214380,00.html

You might want to google that info on wallpaper removal. We just bought a house that has wall to wall paper and we are having a tough time to remove the glue. We got the wallpaper off but getting the residual glue is the toughest thing. We googled it and there have been so many suggestions on many message boards and other places as to how to remove it. From using Vinegar, Armonia to all sorts of things and it seem none of them work. We are having someone to sand the walls.

You cannot paint on account of the glue left on the wall.

You get the wallpaper off by using warm water in a spray bottle. Some people also suggest to use fabric softner but we tried that and we found the warm water worked best. I also got a steamer from Home Depot but it took more time than my good ole spray bottle with hot water.
Home that helps.

I used to work as a house painter and had to remove wall paper often. The fastest way that I used was warm water ( I think I mixed a little dishsoap) in a spray bottle. That and a scraper should take care of the paper and the glue. Then used a palm sander.

For the carpet: I would try a carpet warehouse. I would compare prices at many places though.