Removing cars, boat, debris, etc.


I’m not really sure which forum to post this. I saw a home that is available, but it has all sorts of junk all over the place. (abandoned cars, a pickup, debris that looks like they tore down a garage or another house. )

I think Fred Sanford’s place was neater.

How do I get rid of all this stuff? I know the mechanics - get a dumpster etc. but what about the cars? Can I keep them? Do tow them to the impound? Sell it? There’s a pickup I’d like to have for this business. How would I get it legally if the owner is gone? Are they a-comin back to claim it after I buy this thing?


Don’t know your state or your state laws, so I’d suggest researching them.

Generally speaking however, it’s usually very easy to get rid of cars, etc. Look in your local paper or thrifty nickel type deal and you’ll usually find at least one or two “Wanted: Cars running or not, we’ll pick it up.” If you’re looking for cash most will give your $50 to $100 per vehicle. However, what I normally do is “give” them the car(s) in exchange, they must haul away everything.

These people will also know what you need to do to “claim” the vehicle as your own, though it is usually as simple as filing for a lost/abandoned title.