Remote Video Surveillance...?

Does anyone have experience they would share about maintaining/setting up remote video surveillance of their property?

I would like to do this, but don’t have experience with it.

My objective is to monitor and record activities at certain places on the property, such as the dumpsters, the entrance to the manager’s offices, and the laundry/vending areas. These are the places we’ve had vandalism problems in the past.

Also, do you warn people they are being watched/taped, or not?

Also, how far back do you maintain a record?

Do you hide the cameras?

Finally, what brand of equipment is considered reliable?

Thank you in advance.

I don’t have personal experiences with that equipment, but I do know Mike (Propertymanager) used a setup like that and posted on here about it (or maybe it was on his now defunct blog). From what I remember, he had a system with about five cameras and kept the DVR type box in a separate locked strorage room. I think he was able to go back several days or maybe even a month to review the recordings. It helped him get a guy busted for violating a restraining order. This was all a few years ago and I’m sure the equipment is even better now.