Remodeling a manufactured home

When you flip a mobile home, do you replace the sheetrock as well or do you just paint the wood panelling? If so, do you use subs? If so, how much do you expect to pay for sheetrocking a 1000sq ft mobile? Do you feel that you get the return on investment with sheetrock?

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Most modern mobile homes already have drywall walls in single, double or triple wide or in multiple stories.

Most mobile homes during the last 25 or 30 years were made to modern standards.

Single wide’s are maybe the exception as they are made as cost effectively as possible and some manufactures in markets where property values are depressed may choose to continue to use the old tried and true wood interiors.

If this is an older mobile home be aware of the possibility of asbestos or formaldehyde or lead welded joints or lead based paint.

I don’t think I would do anything other than clean real good to flip a mobile home and I don’t think I would paint wood finishes.


Repairing Vinyl covered sheetrock can be a difficult job, If you can afford you have remove it completely and Use a new one. If you can’t yes you can paint it , For painting the walls, you have to remove the strips in between the sheets. Use self stick mesh tape and use some joint compound.