REMentor: David Lindahl - Need updated monetary figures


Hi, I have the 2002 version of David Lindahl’s REmentor work book, etc. Loved his class and used it once and never picked up the book again. But we saved a ton of money, so the book and class were worth it!

I am having my parents home renovated and I want every last piece of popcorn ceiling /popcorn wall texture gone. It is even sparkly.

So, I have to figure out the cost of having all that removed from the walls and ceilings in a 3 story, 5 bedroom, 2.5, living room, dining room and kitchen home.

I’m figuring 11x14 for each bedroom on average. So, I’ve gotta figure out what the cost of that would be (using 2012 figures) and then having them repaired and painted.

I hope someone can assist me with the correct cost to charge the contractor.

Thank you!

I am confused. You are charing the contractor? I would have thought that you would just get quotes and decide if the quoted price makes sense.

Well done on being successful with David’s program.