Relocation Specializing

i’m thinking about getting certified as a Relocation Specialist. I mean, to me I don’t believe in these certifications - they don’t mean anything - you can have them and still suck at whatever you’re “certified” in. But I wanted feedback on this. I know as investors, most will not care one bit about it, but successful investors need vacation homes and the like, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

oh yeah, I’ve got my real estate license (duh). I’m just wondering how effective the designation would be in reaching investors.

Why would investors care whether you are a certified relocation specialist? Experience, expertise and deals is what they want.

well i know they don’t care about any designations for their business. (however, for commercial, getting your CMS is like the Phd for the field- i think it’s CMS…but anway)

but they MIGHT want to buy a personal vacation home or whatever. they might want to buy a vacation home for investment purposes as well (rent it when they’re not there), perhaps a hunting lodge or something of this nature.

i’m just thinking out loud.

i’m getting it anyway to increase my referral business - great revenue potential here, especially on Long Island - but they’d be OUTGOING referrals.