relocating to Texas from Canada

Can someone please send me some info with regards to closing costs in Texas Austin and San Anotnio so we can compare it to the costs here in British Columbia Canada. We are coming from Canada.
Can anyone refer a reputable Title company, Lawyer (I know good luck to me on that one) Apprasier, REO Agent, CPA, birddog, wholesalers?

We plan to rent at first any areas we should avoid?
We want to rehab as well as puchase rentals.

Truthfully do ya think a Canadian gal like me can’t stand the Texas heat? No snow there, correct? It’s can’t possibly rain anymore there thaN IT DOES HERE.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Most title companies can give you a closing cost statement and most have a worksheet on their site. Mortgage brokers will help with this too if they’re decent. Calculate 1% of sales price for title, $350 for inspections, $450 for appraisals, $150-200 for title escrow, 1 point for mortgage broker.

Those are typically the most expensive items.