REIers in/around Montgomery, Alabama

Through a cruel twist of fate, I’ll be relocating to Montgomery, Ala. in a few weeks. Not thrilled about this.

I can’t find any REI clubs anywhere around there. I also can’t find any property tax info online for Montgomery County. This doesn’t bode well…

Does anyone around here live around there or have any advice or info? I will say this: the RE there is crazy cheap, and the prop. taxes are a joke.

Did you try the Real Estate Investors link?

Yes; I’ve looked here, there and beyond on the internet, but no luck. I was hoping maybe someone knew of something there that no one had just bothered to put online. It’s hard to believe in a city of 200,000 there isn’t a club, but then again, this is Montgomery…

I guess once I get down there I’ll have to start looking and asking around. I may even have to just found one. With prices being what they are down there, I’m sure there must be quite a few investors.

It’s only a little over an hour to Birmingham…


Just curious, do you prefer your grits with butter, or lard? :cool

Grits with butter and a lot of salt. That is the reason that I only eat breakfast when I am in the south…although upstate New York does a pretty good job of Hash. But there is no body that has any idea what breakfast is in California!