REIClub website

I want to thank you for this wonderful site. It amazes me how much time you must have put into it for all the info on it. I have spent days exploring all the info on here.
I have a question because I have found 4 or 5 such sites of this nature in the past month. I have posted a few questions but didn’t really get the results I really need. So I found another site for AREIA that I’m sure you are aware of. But I’m wondering if the investment of the $69 will get me the anwsers to my questions or do you think I’ll be better off finding someone in my area that is an investor and willing to take the time to teach me the things I need?

hi, if you do not mind sharing, what other AREIA site did you find? thanks.

Thanks for the praise. Yes, there’s been a serious effort to get this puppy to the point it’s at now.

And there’s been major contributions by those who post questions and respond to questions with their experiences and knowlege.

I can’t comment on whether something would be “worth it” or not for someone else as each person has their own goals and preferred methods of learning. I’m certain I have over 60 REI courses in my personal library. I went to local club meetings for years, primarily to network after the initial sponge-learning during the first year. I attended numerous conferences, again mainly to network and pick up educational/experiential nuggets here and there.

For me, implementing information gained always more than paid for the cost of obtaining the info.

That said, there is so much free and inexpensive info available on the net it’s unbelievable. There are “entire courses” available just by studying discussion forums. However, for me, it’s easier to just buy a targeted course on a particular topic rather than wade through that, but I used to do both. Some folks learn better with mentors, but again, I’m not in a position to answer that for you. Sorry.

thanks for sharing those sites.