Blocked By Google

Since Saturday (3/21), I have been receiving warnings on two different computers that this site is considered unsafe and a site for malware. Here is the specific message:

“This web site at has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences.”

The reasons given are listed here:,30.html

I’m sure others have received this warning and I don’t know if the moderators or owners of this board know.

Thanks for the heads up. We are aware and are addressing it. :beer

yeah I was too seeing that I thought there was something wrong with my computer :smashpc
Now I know. :biggrin

Has this issue been resolved, or should we stay away for a few days and wait for an “all-clear” email" while you guys work on it? Please advise…

No need to stay away. It is being handled by the programmers. Please feel free to post and surf!!

Thanks for the quick response…

I’m guessing that it is most likely coming from those late night one-time posters that slip in links to viagara and porn sites. Granted, the admins here usually get those deleted pretty quick, but I’m sure that Google’s 24/7 automatic website disseminator(s) caught the bad posts and classified them as a false-positive.

Don’t worry, you aren’t missing much. I hear that REICLUB place is all just porn and anti-liberal ranting anyway.

“…anti-liberal ranting anyway.”

Personally Rich, I prefer to think of it as exposing liberals (whether rep., dem. or ind.) for what they really think by testing and/or challenging what they postulate most of which is antithetical to the foundation of America…

For example, experience has taught me that they are very good at spending OTHER people’s money, but when it comes to their own, hands off…

There is also no such thing as “liberal” hypocrisy…

Don’t get all serious on me, was attempting to make a funny. :anon

Sometimes hard to tell… :beer