I’m located in Ky, Owensboro area and would like to start a real estate investment club here, how do I go about doing just that? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :biggrin

Hello Pdelaney,

 I think that is great that you want to be so proactive and start a REIA in your community.  I've never started one myself, b/c there are plenty here in my area, but if I were too, I think a good place to start would perhaps be to start a RE meetup group on  You could also post an ad on craigslist for free to see how much interest there is in a RE group meeting.  

Once you start growing big enough to move meetings outside of homes and into bigger venues, you could look into what it takes to start an actual association and locking down a permanent location for the group. Also you could just drive to your nearest one, even if it’s a couple hours away and start making inquiries and making connections there. It could be of benefit.

Hope this helps and best of luck to you! :biggrin

That was very helpful :biggrin Thanks a Bunch.