Please pardon my naiveness,

I live in a small community and surrounded by other small communities with no REIA available for at least 40 miles (which brings me to a market that is 25 times great than my surroundings). I know there is great value in talking with other investors, but would there be a chance of me finding deals in my area from these distant reia?

Why can’t you start your own local REIA? It sounds like there is a need. It doesn’t need to be fancy. A few guys can meet in a local restaurant on a Saturday morning to talk shop.

It is a fact that your income is within 5% of the 5 people that you talk to the most. It is very important to associate with people that are doing what you do very well. Even if it is not your exact area, you will gain from the exposure. Unlike the erroneous middle class belief that you learn from other’s mistakes, you actually want to learn from others successes. You want to see how people that are successful in real estate are doing it. That way you build on success after success.