REIA Winter Cruise--Anyone On Board?

I stumbled upon the REIA Winter Cruise Conference website. It is February 6-13, 2011 from Houston on the Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas.

Ports of call: Galveston, Cozumel, Mexico, Roatan, Honduras, and Belize City.

The cost is $995 if booked before Sept. 30. That sounds pretty doable to me. Also sounds like a lot of fun, having never been on a cruise. Plus it would be an educational tax deduction.

Have any of you ever participated? Are you going?

It would be fun to see the faces that I have been corresponding with for the last two+ years! I would hope Propertymanager Mike could come so there could be great Liberal vs Conservative bashing and arguments over some beer!

Hope this isn’t taken as a plug for the cruise, but I would be excited to take a Winter break.


Would love to go, but way too many irons in the fire

Not in the budget this year. Sounds like an awesome opportunity.

Is that $995 for double occupancy? What’s the single occupancy fee?

$995 is for double occupancy, booked by Sept. 30. I’ll look up single occupancy when I find the brochure.

If you are single, they apparently can pair you up with another single room-mate. If you want.


Booked the cruise today! It is a mammoth ship, more than 3000 people occupancy and I do believe there is even an ice skating rink.

It sails out of the Houston Port, so maybe some of you Texans (Justin?) can easily come.

I spoke to someone in management and I may try to speak at an informal gathering for anyone interested in the furnished rentals business plan. It would be interesting to meet someone from this site.

If you book before Sept. 30 you save $100.

February 6-13 come sail the REIA education (tax write-off!) cruise.


will have to pass on this one…juggling a lot right now…have a great time.

will sure beat the conditions I encountered on this one:



I think it’s the same cruise, Mike…


I’m kinda like Mark…way too much going on plus I’d have to go by myself and leave all the kids. Sounds interesting, but I wonder how much of it will be a sales pitch or how much actual information is put out based on your price for the cruise.
Would definitely like to meet some of the people on here sometime though.

The REIA people faxed me a list of last year’s educational topics, since they didn’t have this year’s set yet, so here’s a selection from that list:

Dealing with the rapidly changing market
Asset Protection Strategies
Economic Overview of the RE Industry
Nevada Corporation Strategies
Hype-free Internet RE Marketing
Ultimate Business Program
Cash Flow
Owner and Creative Financing
Power Negotiating
Building Business Credit
Foreclosure and Sheriff’s Sales
Exit Strategies

There were quite a few more. Looks very tasty, I’ll enjoy choosing from the next cruise’s menu of courses.

The REIA person wrote that “We are looking for outside of the box subjects that are new ideas to investing.”

My credit-card receipt for the cruise in already filed in 2010 tax receipts envelope. Hope some of you can come. Propertymanager? I’ll buy you a beer.


I thought he took his ball and went home, but looks like he got on here not long ago:

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It is like when you break up with your girlfriend you have to drive by her house one last time.

You are right! We have all been driving by, taking one last look…