REI wannabe,Questions about WealthBuilders

Hello Everybody,
I have been reading the posts on this site for a couple of weeks now. I appreciate the availability of the information.
I am really interested in this as a profession but I’m a little apprehensive. I have interviewed with WealthBuilders or W.E.I., Inc. Real Estate Program out of Springfield, Missouri. I would be very interested in any feedback about how good their program is. Also, …is it possible to really make money being a “bird dog” or invester? or is most of the money made by “gurus” offering courses?
I would appreciate some real honest “bottom line” information and advice because I’m very new at this.
Thanks so much ahead of time,

Hi, I have no experience with W.E.I., but I can tell you about “bird dogging”, bird dogging is great way to start out, if you have little or no cash. A lot of investors started out this way to get down payment money and to gain contacts. Check out your local investment clubs, and even place ads in the paper.
Happy Hunting!