REI Software Management Tools

Hi everyone.

I was just wondering if anyone knows of or uses any certain type of software programs that may be tailored to REI.

If so, what do you like…or not like and why?

I’d like to be as electronic as possible.

hello u2rocks,

Being electronic, or more organized is great, however there is no need to spend a bunch of $$$ on stuff you can do yourself. If you have excel and a knowledge of how to use it, you can do just about anything with it.

just my opinion


The only thing I sorta like so far is Quicken Rental Property Manager. Kinda basic, but good enough to organize your taxes. Needs a few more features to make it better, but the 2.2 version is functional. Maybe it’ll be perfected by version 4 or 5. Decently priced at $99 list, got it for under $50 on eBay.

I’ve been using RealTools for a while now (, they have some features that I wasn’t able to find in other programs including lease options and vehicle mileage. The support is great.

Sean Lewis