rei site

has anybody ever dealt with they seem awesome
any feed back will be appreciated

My area has absolutely no data, it’s been like this for months an no idea if it will ever have anything for my area. This site is a dud as far as I’m concerned.

I met a couple of the guys that developed the site. From what I know about it, the site is only worth paying for in New York City. They only serve a limited number of markets outside of New York, but their site is actually a pretty good source to get some free property info from what I’ve seen. They used to be even better, but it looks like they are charging for some things that used to be free. I still don’t think it’s worth paying for premium services outside of NY right now. Maybe they will add features to other markets down the road.

When I met them, they said if you are a student (with a .edu email address), they will set you up with a free access to the premium services. This was almost a year ago, so I don’t know if they are still offering that…there’s nothing on their website that mentions it.