REI newbie, what should I do now?

??? I contacted a FSBO 3/ 1.5 rambler nice needs about $5K to rehab it inside/out. House is listed at $265K in the Maryland area. I talked to owner and several people have called about the property. I have no money, credit shot . I want to purchase and close on the house within 10 days. What do I do now? What kind of form do I bring with me to close the deal? Can I give her an “earnest deposit” of only $10.00?

unless you plan on losing your $10, i wouldn’t put an offer.
how do you expect to close in 10 days with no money, no credit and presumably no money partners?

what is the house worth? how do u know it’ll only take 5k to rehab?
how much will the rehab increase the price? can you flip it to another
if there’s 30-40k equity in it, you might be able to flip as is to another
investor and make 5-10k.

In order to invest, you must have something to invest, your good looks don’t count. Best thing to do is save money and improve your credit.