REI Meeting Tonight

Hi Adrian Here again.

Tonight is the night of my first REI meeting and obviously I am nervous, I really have no clue what to expect.

I am going there with the hopes of starting to build a network of RE investors, as well as mortgage brokers, RE agents, and lawyers. I do want to start out as a bird dog so I am guessing that networking with RE investors would be the most important part of the night.

Anyways, I just want to ask for everyones opinion on the what the best approach would be for the night i.e. (where would my time be best spent).

Thanks in Advance

It is just a meeting where you will sit and hear a speaker talk, then you might have a chance to walk around and meet people. Just mingle

One of the things that I encourage people to do is to develope a 5 second sales presentation. This is nothing more than a benefit statement. Rather than saying “im a real estate bird dog” which investors have heard 100 times before, say something like “I specialize in finding discount properties for other investors around the area”. This will get people interested in you, rather than laughing at you.