REI Clubs

My regular J.O.B. forces me to be on the road everytime the local REI club meets.

Question: Is it necessary to attend the local club or is there value in attending ANY club meeting.

FYI…I’m in IL and I travel to GA,PA,MI,OH,IH and KY



Some things work better in markets than others so local knowledge is helpful. You will learn things in your local group that are local market forces and can help your investing career. Of course this isn’t to say you can’t learn the basic strategies from a club in another area. I’d say if you are out of time and looking for something to kill time on a business trip stopping by a REI meeting would be beneficial. You should definitely try to attend a local meeting to get the local scoop on what works in your market and to NETWORK with local people, this is key.

Thanks Rich.

I’ve been reading and learning everything I can since last Nov and am finally ready to pull the trigger. Just feel like the networking is the last piece.

Been in sales for 25+ years so I feel like I’ll be able to find deals but concerned that they’ll fall thru without a network to call on.

Maybe get a family member or friend to attend and take notes for you.

That might get the information about the market but won’t get the networking done.

Maybe you will have to take a day off from work if that’s possible?

OR…schedule it better. My customers tend to schedule appts with me months out because of their sked.

I might have to pick a different club…there are several in IL.