REI CLubs in NYC

Anybody have any info on an active investment club in New York City?

Check out the info on these lists…

Hope this helps.


Thanks. Have any experience with them? A couple are Kiyosaki clubs so I am wary of an upsell, and the Symposium contact is no longer valid.

Also, I found which seems interesting, at least.

Nope sorry, I don’t…just trying to help you put with other places to try. I am in Louisiana.


Thanks, again. I appreciate the support.

Any NY’ers out there??

Sorry, but I’ve working on the Las Vegas market for a couple market for 2 years and it’s been good.

There are 21 clubs in NY State listed on here.

You should be able to find one near you!

I am a New Yorker and the club I joined is called cashflownyc
website same there is also a cashflow 101 group via Yahoo if you have an account throught them…this group group in yahoo meets once a week. Good luck!