REI clubs in Dallas

Ok, so there are many posts all over the forums to join your local REI club. I have been to 3 different rei clubs around Dallas based on the clubs in the local clubs page.

Is it just me or does it just seem like sales pitches when you go??? Each time I’ve been to a meeting, it just seems like someone is trying to sell something the whole time. I’ve only met a couple of people at one of the meetings I went to and the other times I went everyone just left afterward. I tried talking to one of the people running the club at one of the meetings, and his response simply was “If you buy my course, you’ll figure out the answer to your questions”. WTF

Honestly it seems like a waste of money at this point. Can anyone recommend any good rei clubs or positive experiences in the Dallas area?

No matter what REIclub you go to, someone is pitching something. The purpose is to network and meet the serious investors. RICH in Houston, SAREI in SA, etc. are all the same. We have a better one here in Austin called Austin RENC, but even there, some of the investors pitch bad deals.

Just network, tell people who you are, what your criteria is, and find out who they use in deals (title companies, agents, lenders, etc.)