REI Club

I am going to my very first REI Club meeting next Tuesday. I have my business cards ready to pass out. I have one problem I am in general a quite person :anon and have absolutely no sales experience what so ever. So how do I approach people? :banghead I know this is an odd question from me but I am honestly stumped on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Where are you from?

Just introduce yourself and if they are worth talking to they will respond in kind.

I have a similar problem with being shy, but after about my 4th meeting, I started to feel more comfortable. I still don’t “mingle” at meetings, but I will usually end up meeting at least one person each meeting. Either they will be sitting near me and we’ll start a conversation or I’ll have seen them a number of times and will approach them to ask a question I think they might know the answer to.

I’ve noticed that 70% of the people in my local REIA are more scared than me!

It isn’t “Mingling” it is networking. The key to it is LISTENING. Listen to what the other person talks about. This brings you closer to them. Remember don’t go there looking out for you.

Rather, focus on the needs of the other person, then state how you can help with those needs, and you will be amazed at how they will then bring people to you!