REI club vs bigger pockets

I feel like the activity on this site has stalled and is dying. It really bums me out…I’ve been on it for 12 years and it’s still my favorite platform for REI education, discussion, etc.

Bigger Pockets has taken over and that’s fine, but I love the anonymity here. All you moderators out there, anything we/I can do?

That’s a bummer to hear. I just jumped on REI club and I’m liking it so far but it does seem like there’s more discussion on BP. Hope it can pick up here more.

It is a bit slow indeed. But if we start sharing and discussing more, it can revive. :wink:

REIClub and Biggerpockets are great source of information in Real Estate Investing. Time after time I switched platforms in order to get more insight. I suggest why not use both. :biggrin :biggrin

Both are awesome. But if I was to pick one I’ll definitely pick REI, to many ads on biggerpockets.

Rei for sure.
No doubt about it !

BiggerPockets is bullshit. Everyone there is an expert and genius. Yet somehow they find the time to post all day and night and still manage to run their vast real estate kingdoms. The thing about the internet is everyone can be whatever they want behind the anonymity of a keyboard. With that in mind, I am handsome, wealthy, and have a bigger one that you do.