REI Club near Stockton, Modesto, Tracy area (California)

I was curious if anyone here belongs to an REI club near the Stockton / Modesto / Tracy area in California. I have looked up the REI clubs on this site but none of them appear to be established in these areas (Sacramento is popular but I am looking for something closer).

I live in Tracy and I see foreclosures all around. Now that I am seeing asking prices fall below $100k on single family homes I think there may actually be an opportunity to generate cash flow. I use the cash flow formula: 1/2 Rents - Mortgage = cash flow (thanks Property Manager - great book)

So if anyone is in this area and knows of any new REI clubs I should look into please point me in the right direction.

Thank you,


I guess I am out of luck. Hopefully a REI club in this area will be established soon. A lot of homes around here are getting back to reasonable levels and that will create opportunities for REI investors.

a great site that someone recently informed me about was a site called Take a look there for groups of investors who meet in your area. You could even start a group yourself.