REI c;ubs

Anybody have any suggestions for how to find other investors in my area to network with? I live north of Detroit - Detroit has several REI clubs in the metro area, but there’s nothing up where my partner and I are. Does anyone have experience starting up an REI club in the past? Just looking for some ideas on how to network if you have some.


If your area doesn’t have one, then you can start one. Places to look for other investors and property owners are:

  1. Chamber of Commerce
  2. Local HUD/Section 8 office
  3. Place an ad in the local paper
  4. Place flyer at Home Depot/Lowe’s
  5. Look in your paper for any “We Buy Houses” ads. Call them up.

Once you’ve got a few individuals, start meeting regularly at a free location, such as a meeting room at your library. Once the club gets larger, you can move into hotel spacing.

Also, the National REIA can give you a hand in starting a club:

Patti Porter

Where in Michigan are you?

I’m in the Port Huron area, just north of Detroit (about an hour’s dtive).

I spoke with a friend of mine who started a club called WCRT Detroit. His name is Jared Pomranky. I told him where you were from and he said “That’s near us. It’s not real close but we do have investors that come to our group who are working in that area.”

If you’d like to find out more from him, let me know and I’ll put the two of you in touch. (I’ll be up there first week in October too, so it’d be nice to meet you.)

Thanks, Rachel - I just saw their listing on the link on this site for Real Estate Clubs. Don’t know how I missed it before. I’m going to call him and get some info.

Appreciate the tip!


I know those guys personally and can say that’s probably one of the best clubs you can be in.

The best part of their club is that there is no selling at monthly meetings. It’s all straight information. That being said, I hope to see you when I travel up there in October!

Good luck!

Big Cheese

I will echo the above post about contacting WCRT Detroit. I belong to the Chicago WCRT club and those Detroit guys are great and they are doing a ton of deals.

I’m from the croswell, lexington area about 30 minutes from port huron. I was also looking for a meeting that is closer. If you’d like to chat feel free to email me.