Rehabs in Hampton Roads VA?

Hello to all, I’m just curious to know if anybody that posts on this forum does fixer uppers here in Hampton Roads VA. If so, whats your opinion on how well the market here is for that type of RE investing?

i used to live there 2 years ago. that market there is slow. i tried to find deals there there are just not many. its a very slow market the and the investors there are greedy as well as the city.

I lived in Hampton Roads about 7 yrs ago and still monitor the area. It is a good area for rentals due to the military bases. Certain parts of Tidewater have a lot of fixers (downtown NN/Norfolk and Portsmoth) however you have to know the area. You also want to know your risk tolerance because some of those areas are war zones. If you do your research you should have enough to keep you busy.

I used to live up that way & have a buddy who is rehabs up that way. He said anyhing in the beach/chesapeake area is overpriced & anything that hits the market that is a possible deal is swooped up within minutes… Hes now taken his business to Portsmouth & Suffolk area…