Anyone here had experience with this website and does it work? Promises local partners/affiliates leds on investment properties.

I just bought the rights to 2 counties in missouri last week. So far it appears to be pretty good deal.

Do you wholesale or rehab houses? I have also heard is a good deal. I’m a little confused about it though, how does it work? If I don’t buy a county, how could I still be involved? I think my local county has already been bought.

If you buy a county it gives you the administration rights. Which means you run the website for your county. If you have not bought the county you can still advertise your properties for sale. You can also browse other investors properties to purchase pull comps etc… so there is some value if do not have the county.

just heard a webinar of mike collins on monday. just curious if anyone is having any luck with … other sites have seemed to have not so good reviews.

I had 2 counties and cancelled my account. I think this website could be a very way to buy properties at a very good ltv. My take is that if you really want to do it right you need to own all of the counties in your area. If you don’t own all of the counties it is difficult to do well

I found a house on there that says a price, no pic, and only way to it is a drive by, which i did, or call, but there is no contact number. what can i do?