If I intend to rehab a house do I need a contractors lisence?

No, but you may need permits depending on the scope of the job. Usually anything structural involves pulling a permit, but it varies from state to state/ city to city.

right check with your city’s rules and regulations regarding rehab.

In my county, Hamilton TN (not necessarily throughout the state) if you are not going to occupy the property and the rehab will be valued at more than $3000 you must have a home improvement license ($3000-25000) or general contractor’s license ($25000+) to get a permit. You also must have an electrical, plumbing or HVAC license if you’ll be doing any of that type of work.

I have redone around 30 homes and very rarely do I need to pull a permit. I am sure that they would like me to but what they don’t know can’t hurt them. I am a licensed contractor, but it can become very costly and time consuming to pull permits.