rehabbing value

Newbie just starting…haven’t even purchased my 1st property yet.
However I have been trying to research what improvements will add the most value to a home. Does anyone no of a book, or website that might help me out?

The best info I could give you is that this information would be best determined by the realtor, since it is EXTREMELY property and location-specific. The better approach is to discount the cost of repairing existing items from the offer price, as well as the profit. The reason I say that is because the usual value of adding features to a property (e.g. a bathroom) is typically LESS than it would cost to put in.

I’m in the same boat as you(haven’t purchased a property yet, but I’ve made some offers).

new toilets.

you want every woman who walks thru to see nothing but “clean and shiny”.

but to answer your question, I don’t buy unless the house “fits”; already has enough bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. So I go in knowing that no “additions” need to be made. That’s just my preference since I don’t want to work that hard. Other people may differ.

Having said that, I’ll spend more on the kitchen than anything else. Kitchens sell the house, in my opinion. It’s where we spend most of our time as a family. tile floors, countertops and appliances. crown moulding on the uppers. nice sink and faucet. makes it look good. women love it.

guys look at the fence, gutters and the garage door opener. women make the decision.

“cleeean and shiiiineey”…

Kitchens sell houses for the gals and Garages for the guys. There’s a nicely redone house just up from me with no garage. In a couple of months it will have sat on the market for 1 1/2 years…