Rehabbing in winter

Are you guys still rehabbing with the cold winters months arriving? Or do you stop during these times?

I am looking to get started but starting to think we missed our time with the winter coming. We are in IL. Anyone in my neck of the woods still buying, rehabbing and selling?


Nothing wrong with winter, think about it this way. Buy during the winter when the market is slow (slowest Nov to Jan due to weather and cash crunch of Xmas) and you will get a good deal. Then do your rehab during the cold months. Get it ready to sell by spring when the market picks up again.

Sounds good to me. You responded on my other post as well. I want to thank you.
This site is great for helping us newbies, well for those of us who take the advice and do something with it.

Of course you should figure extra holding time in your budget to account for weather. My ex-gf’s parents lost at least a month building their home due to their steep driveway, contractors couldn’t get to the house.

I’m definetly looking forward to cooler weather. I’ve been on a roof and residing a house in 90 degree weather. In the winter you can always put on more clothes. In the summer you can only get so cool without being arrested.

We have two remodels going right now, one on the market and one a few weeks away from going on the market. We plan on selling these two and then not buying until January and having that or those ready to put on the market by spring. I have held properties over the winter when I wasn’t quite prepared to… it hurts! Gas prices… geesh! :beer