Rehabbing in the Grand Rapids MI area

Hi I’m new to the real estate world and I wanted to use this website to learn more about rehabbing properties. I’m in the Grand Rapids MI area and I was looking to see if there are any people from that area on this website.
I had some questions about the area:

  1. What are the best areas to do rehabbing in
  2. What is the average turn around on a rehab

I live just south of you west of Kalamazoo. Anyplace is a good place to rehab if the numbers are right. The turn around should be just a few days after closing. You want to buy houses that do not need much in the way of rehabbing or updating as there are so many available now. You could also go after the low end of the market and buy real low, fix for approx 20,000 and sell cheap to make 20,000 per home also.The problem with rehabbing now is selling them. In my little town 0 home sales in the last two years. Be prepared to hang on to them or rent to own.

Thanks you for the post.