Rehabbing in Texas

I would like to know from any experienced rehabbers, what cities and counties are hot areas for rehabbing.

When you say “hot”, it often means oversaturated. If you’re asking about “hot” areas, it’s San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Austin, all of the major cities, etc.

If you want to know about good areas that are undervalued, we’re moving to Temple-Killeen and East Georgetown. Houston is good too since it’s so large. You can find deals on the outskirts and even in the city.

East and South Austin are still undervalued, but investors have caught on and good deals are hard to find. San Antonio is also so large that deals are everywhere. We’re moving to new builds since that’s less headache and we can control the build times a little more than dealing with the City of Austin.

Area’s with about 250,000 people. larger areas are over inflated while the smaller areas didn’t go through the surge. Now the metro investors are going out the mid size cities. During the 05 surge in Florida 4 out of 10 homes were purchased by 2nd homebuyers and investors. This was just like the 00 stock market dot com over inflation. Look for mid size average cities.