Rehabbing in Boise Idaho

Does anyone know if wholesaling is legal in Idaho? If so do you are anyone you know want to take me under their wing and show me the ropes,I live in Boise. I also would like to make some connection with anyone rehabbing. I am just trying to learn and become an REI.

I live in Boise but haven’t done wholesaling. It seems sort of intersesting. I don’t think it’s illigal or anything. I have 2 rentals right now. It’s hard to get into the market here normally. - Debbie

Could you elaborate on “hard to get into the market normally”? Could also tell me how you do your financing, and do you do your rentals under your name or did you create an investment company?

I mean that I started with a real estate agent and the market is moving so fast that everytime I bid multiple other offers came in. There is something called that seemed interesting. I did my purchases by owner.

I own a rental in Moscow, hard to get in there too, been thinking about Boise for awhile, house still going that fast huh?

Anything worth having anyway. I found my second rental at an estate sale. I liked the house and talked to to the still living elderly owner. We came to terms at a fair market price. No real estate agents or multiple offers. - Debbie

Thanks Debbie. I am going to try and bid on ahouse this week it is real need of repair and vacant. It is a fsbo also so hopefully it is worth the trouble. I might as well jump in and get my feet wet.

Thanks again

Good luck. It is possible to buy here. The normal way doesn’t seem to work. – Debbie