Rehabbing Costs Texas

I am new at rehabbing and am looking for any info on rehabbing costs. I am looking for mentors, websites, etc. for help. I found a property and need to estimate costs before making the offer. I am looking for costs like re-roofing per square, painting per sq ft, tile per sq ft, adding central air/heat, sheetrock tape/float, refinishing hard wood floors, bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, window replacement, carpentry repairs to facia/soffit…basically any improvement costs and how to calcualte them correctly. Any help is welcome. The home is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1825 sq ft home built in 1946. It has a sound foundation, plumbing, and electrical system.

I am not looking for a partner yet. I just need some advice on where to go to get some semi accurate sub contractor pricing for rehad type work as stated earlier. Thanks for the offer and I will keep you in mind on future projects. Where are you located? The property is in the San Antonio area.

Hi there…I’m also new to REI and just starting out and when I find a property of intrest I make an appointment to look at it to see how much repair it might take. second I have a contractor or handy man look at it and they give me an estamte and we start from there…some handymen charge say 700 to just paint the outside of the house depending on how big of a house you have, but this way you have an idea of what it might cost and you can budget from there…I have little money well ok nun and I have set to buy my first rehab home and spend no more than 2500 inside and no more than 2500 on the out side to fix and repair most of the work Ill do my self the rest Ill contract out and meanwhile Ill have the property listed for sell…example by a home for say 69k and it appraises for 92k after repairs and I spend 5k on repairs(using charge accounts at the local lumber companies)
69k + 5k = 74k - 92k = 18k / 2 = 9k for me and 9k for my partner…my partner supplies 100% purchase price in cash

Thanks for your info, this will help.