Rehabbing commercial properties

Hey Guys. I want to get into rehabbing commercial properties, yet I am extremely lacking in experience and expertise. Any advice on who to turn to or perhaps some reading material? I live in GA and would love to know of someone here who does this sort of thing, however, anything will help. Thanks guys.

Check your state laws. If you are not an architect, or don’t hire one, the amount of work you can do to a commercial property might be very limited.

For example, my firm was once contacted because someone wanted to put up a tent outside their bar/restaurant to celebrate St. Patrick’s day, and they were told they needed to go through the proper channels to get approval. :o

(I work in an architect’s office, in Ohio)

Does this mean that I have to have an architect to lay out the plans, or can I go straigh to the contractors?

You definitely need to have the plan’s done by architect also depending on the the current use of the property is you may have to go before azoning board to approve transition. Check with a local government on zoning rules. Hope this helps.

Cool. Thanks a lot for the insight.

Besides the architect requirement, the work may have to be done by a licensed contractor. Again, check your particular state’s laws.

Sean Lewis

I also used to work in an architects office and now work for myself. If you have any improvements w/ a commercial building, most municipalities will require and architectural seal do pass permiting. You’ll just need to call and check w/ your permitting office. It might be wise to call and check on any ADA (Americans w/ Disabilities) and make sure they’re o.k. w/ your building as is.

I completed a 3300sq foot commercial bldg.(my 1st one) in 2004. NY is probably the toughest city of all. you must have an artchitecht. Be sure to interview them and make pay out contingent on completed work approvals from the bldg dept. I wound up being the contractor, expiditor, and clean up person. Many contractors fail to want to do the small stuff—don’t over look it --it adds up–door knobs, locks, mirrors, molding, etc. trust me. Everyone wants money up front fight for your life. I took out a hard money loan at 18% because it was vacant land–no conventional bank wanted to give me financing because I was a nurse-- I showed them–the building turned out great and led me to more projects.