Rehabbing and Renting

Hello To All New to REI. Want to start rehabbing properties and renting. where do i start first . Need some Capitol. What Do i do first to get that Capitol. thanks


Do you have any liquid assets? 401k, investments, bank acouunts tha you can pull money from?

and if you dont have any thing to pull from i would recomend wholesaling or lease options to start…check into them preferrably wholesaling :beer

yes 401 k i do have thanks to all will try that

Agreed these two strategies are the best way for a new investor. I lean towards lease options, however. Much easier to get a homeowner to agree to a lease option than to take a 40% decrease in price that you need in order to wholesale.

thanks so much for the info. will try the lease options. and will see how it works. :biggrin