I need a rehabber for an investment opportunity. I don’t live in the immediate area, so I am unable to do any of the work. Can anyone refer me to notable rehabbers in the Pittsburg area?

I know some people that do rehabbing there, what are the details so I can point you in the right direction

I appreciate your response, the house is two story and of frame construction, built in 1902. The interior has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, dining room. living room and full basement. Finished living area is 1819 sq ft. It doesn’t need any major rehabb, just minor touches. If the rehhaber wants, I would be willing to assign the contract over - profit after fix up would be around 25k to 30k. Since I am not in the Pittsburg area I think this would be a good option. Are you a rehabber? Or are the contacts you have in your database, ones that you have worked with in the past??

Thank you!

I am a mortgage specialist in PA working with many investors who have people doing the rehabbing for them, one in particular I have been done many loans with and he is very savey in the whole industry. He passed on a number to me for you to call and said that the guy does excellent work and he has used him many times. He is a general contractor, if you are interested in using him I can send you his contact info in a private message.

I am a rehabber origionally from pittsburgh and we do rehabs all over the country now. We rehabbed everyone of those properties so you can see our work. We can discuss the details.What part of Pgh is the home in?

Thanks for all your comments!!!
It helped