Rehabbers Make-Up

Are most rehabbers just investors who know contractors to rehab a place or are they contractors who do the rehabbing and selling themselves?


I am a rehabber but I am not a contractor. I purchase the property, rehab, and then hold as long-term rentals.

I am probably at a “super-handyman” level of expertise. I know my limits and get professional help before I’m in over my head!


That is a great question. I believe in days gone past it was mainly people who were at least decent handymen/women. Today, I think investor-types have the majority.

I want to become more of a handymen than I am, but I just caved in and called Home Depot to install some floor tiling for me. Too much work and I never have done it. I just pictured my result would be this floor that you look at after you dropped acid or something. :smiley:

So it sounds like most rehabbers are at most a “handyman” or “handywoman” but most rehabbing isn’t done by contracting companies looking for some work.

Jim, We also rehab and hold for rental and do most everything ourselves. Major plumbing and electrical we get a professional on, but most everything else we do ourselves. We keep thinking “on the next one we’ll hire someone”, but then when we get quotes (even from “inexpensive” handyman-types) we can’t bring ourselves to part with the money when we could do it ourselves. Then half way through we’re cursing ourselves for taking it on and not hiring it done. ???

In my local investment club there are several people who do their own rehabbing, but will do inexpensive(compared to professional contractors) work for other investors. I’m sure there are an abundance of people like this all over the place!

Karla in Amarillo

Hi Jim,

I was a rehabber who could paint – and I paint well ;D That was about it.

However, during my learning process I’ve figured how to drywall, tape and texture, install basic electrical (lights, ceiling fans, garbage disposals), anything basic plumbing (faucets, toilets, etc.), and my punchlist – nail heads showing to ceiling texture that makes me mad, etc.

I find that contractors are expensive, and don’t do the work as well as I can. However, they are faster – a lot. I can turn a house out in eight weeks with a combination of their work and mine. They have asked me to get out of their way beofre, and I have to remind them who owns the place. I have no clue how to do flooring, but I sure know when it’s wrong – same with terminte and water damage work. I’m actually a nightmare LOL.

Karla’s take made me smile – I like her style!