rehabb upgrades

4 unit apartment building: What are some cheap or not so expensive ways to upgrade the place? Ways to make it look more appealing in and outside?

That depends of a lot of things:
-What condition is the building in now?
-What kind of neighborhood is the property in?
-What are rents, and are you fixing up to raise rents?
-Planning on holding for rental, or fixing up to sell?

paint is cheap,pressure washing,landscape,light fixtures,steam carpets,etc

The building is on fairly good condition, the neighborhood is not the best well actually to be honest its in the hood. I was told that the rent for a 2bd 1br rang around 900-950. Just trying bring appeal to the place so it stands out. There are 3 other builds on the street of 5 that have already been renovated. The plan is to hold it for rental income

Bama has some good suggestions. There are so many options. If it’s a brick building (and that old red brick color), you can paint it and make it look a lot better. New formica countertops in the kitchens are cheap. You can prime and paint wood paneling. You can get decent looking light fixtures (for a rental) in bulk packs a lot of the time. I usually pay between $7-10 for brushed nickel fixtures.