Rehab values

Does anybody know of a good website showing ROI for improvements/rehabbing? Such as “Kitchen, Siding, Paving driveway, etc”.

Not a website, but Realtor Magazine puts out a report that looks at Cost Vs. Value on homes by area of the country. Here is a link to the most recent article

ROI is sort of deceiving. If you take a look at the tables that show ROI on single projects, you almost always have a negative return. In fact, you look at them and would decide not to do any fix ups because it is a sure way to lose money.

At least according to these charts.

The key to rehabbing is to know the neighborhood and know what projects on the specific house will synergistically give the biggest return in that neighborhood.

That way you don’t over improve the property and more to the point, you choose the remodel jobs that when combined give you a bigger return than their costs.

And I don’t know of any charts that can tell you that. It is sort of a gut feeling thing you learn by knowing your neighborhoods and what is selling and what isn’t selling.