Rehab question????

What in your rehab projects do you do yourself? Do you hire professionals for everything or do you handle some of it yourself and why? Thank you for your reply.

It all depends on your experience, the level of rehab needed and what you are trying to do.

Be specific…otherwise, you are best to hit the bookstore as there are tons of good text that will point your in the direction.

Tell you more about what your want to do, etc.

I guess what I am trying to say is should I start out with the concept of having the professionals do it all or try to do some (like painting) of it myself. I am a female with no experience. Help! :-\

I’m a newbie like yourself but from what I’ve learned from books, this forum, and working on my own house is choose your battles wisely. Painting is something you could probably do, changing light fixtures, also minor landscaping like flower beds for curb appeal are doable. Tiling a floor (not a shower) or some of the easy install laminate floors are probably intermediate tasks. I did my bathroom floor with no experience and it looks great. I had a good book to guide me. Check out the classes they have at Home Depot too.
Just remember that there will be a learning curve and it will probably take you at least twice the time and frustration you thought, so consider your holding costs vs. cost of a contractor. And don’t even think about doing plumbing or electrical yourself (zap, splash!).

Hope this helps!