Rehab Project

I am new to rehabbing so Here is my question: I was wondering if anyone can give a ball park figure of the cost to install a central air conditioning unit/system? This is a standard feature in this area and will need to be updated.

I am considering a home purchase that I would like to rehab and resell. The only major project is that the home was built in the early 70’s and has no central cooling and heating system. The price of the home is a/b 20k below market. Thats not a very large margin, so I am trying to figure how much my counter offer will be based on the amount of expense related to the above question, or if I should just walk away from the deal all together. Thanks for any Help!

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I just had two systems installed. One is about a 1000 square feet and costs $2500. The second house is twice as big and is two story and is almost $4500. Both are the low budget EER system I believe a 10 EER on both. We got a lot higher bids too and kept looking around and found a good deal on both.



Thanks for the info, that helps alot. I was worried that it could run me 10K or better. This will help me put this deal together since the house is only one level and is about 1000sf.