Rehab - Mother Fu##er of the Day

I’m putting a bid on a vacant 60 unit apartment. We had an extremely cold week about 3 weeks ago and 5 out of the 8 buildings had a power outage. So the pipes froze and burst. So I wanted a bid on the repairs, I also figured as long as its empty why not have each unit metered seperately, and I asked for a bid on painting the inside and outside of the buildings.

He said that he charges $75 a hour to give bids, and it would take him 300-400 hours to complete a bid. He wanted $22,500 total for him to give me an estimate. I fought with him back and forth, but he thought I was an idiot for refusing to pay him $22,500 to write up a bid. So I found a commercial rehaber in the area that advertises free bids, I will be calling him tomorrow.

What a stupid Mother Fuc##r!!!

$22,500 sounds like a quote for the work not a quote for the quote…

I expect the estimate to be in the $300-400,000 range, but I will not pay for a bid. How would it take him 300-400 hours, that is 10 weeks at 40 hours a week. He was totally serious, for some reason the whole thing really pissed me off.

Yeah, I get kinda pissed off too when someone tries to hold me down and play “who’s your daddy?” with me!


Thursday I had a guy quote me $1600 to install 200 sqft of parquet wood flooring tiles. I already had the tiles and the glue. All he was quoting on was the labor. That is $8 PER SQUARE FOOT. I had it another guy do it for $2.00 per square foot and paid him $400 it was done Friday and Saturday.

There are 2 kind of contractors, one is trying to get paid the other is trying to do the job. There are not nearly as many trying to do the job. A contractor that is trying to do the job makes sure when he leaves that the job is right. The contractor that is trying to get paid is trying to make sure the job is complete enough to get you to pay him with as little output as he can get by with. Also anytime a contractor comes back after the bid is accepted and asks for a change, it is NEVER to give you a better product. It is always to give him more money in his pocket and you a worse product.

iron range… just curios because of your name… where are you located. I’m on the iron range in MN… Is there a certain contractor I need to be avoiding?

I don’t think I’m allowed to post a company’s name on this forum (even though they are scum). I will email you the name of the company. The fact he was trying to rip me off didn’t bother me, it was that he was such a jerk on the phone and tried to make me feel stupid.