rehab loans in NY

Looking for a stated rehab loan for a property in new york…Property is $130,000 and rehab cost is approx. $40,000…ARV is approximately $250,000…the home needs a full rehab and is currently boarded up…This house is going to be flipped…anyone know where i can get this?

NY is one of the harder states to get a true “no money down” hard money rehab.

There are a couple that will do this with 10-15% of the sales price down.

Only one that I know of will do arv loan with rehab funds, closing costs, and payments at 70%.
They require around a 660 score and you must be able to show that you have 10-15% (of the loan amount) liquidity. You dont have to use it but just verify the funds were available over the last 3 months. 4-5pts 12-16%


I am in a very similar situation as the above but with a partner. This will not be owner occupied. I am in NY.

10%-20% down payment is no problem. Credit scores are both above 750. At least 50% of the loan amount liquid. The purchase price is $140k, the rehab will cost is approximately $40k and the ARV is $220k-$250k.

If you (or someone else) have a good program, please PM me.



With those fico scores and that amount liquid there’s 100% rehab financing available. I sent you a pm…


There are several programs that will work for you.

A hard money program with 3-4 points. 70% arv

conventional lender 80% arv 4pts

both 0 down and should cover everything

I’m down in Greensberg KS with our church trying to help with some of the tornado damage. I can catch up with you next week when I get back or feel free to call in the evenings after 6pm.

How about 90%arv 1.5pts, 0down