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I found this site:
This may be something that all of us can use.

Maybe we can start listing our properties on this site.


Site looks legit enough. Have you had any success with it yet?

I think there was a tele-seminiar few weeks back organized by REI on this website. The owenr came to talk about it and promoted his per county sell of the this list. I can’t recall the name of the author but you should be able to find in in Archieve section.


Morning all,
I have been to see listings on this site in my area. They have a screening process to list the homes for sale, unfortunately its not very good. They send an agent from the area to judge the house from the outside only and give permissiom for the owner to list it for said price. I went last night to check out one of the listings and the house was listed @240 and the arv value was 320. From the outside it looked like a great deal, until you entered and it need an additional 20-30k worth of work not including closing and jolding fees. In my estimation the most i would offer would be 195k and thats pushing the envelope on the deal. I would use the site as a stepping stone, but all the house i have gone to see needed additional work and never left room to make any money. The owners either bought it too high or just didn’t know what they were getting into. IMO not a very reliable site.

I’ve only ever seen one listing for my area on there, but hey just another free opportunity. I do like the site.

This is a fanatastic site to use once you learn more about it. I’m using it to for my investing business. If you want to make great money, obviously you need to work hard and smart, but if you are serious about wholesailing, I recommend it!

Hola all, Researched the rehablist website and they charge 97 per month to investor that would be looking over your deals…that is ONLY ONE INVESTOR per county they allow…which is peachy for the investor But Not for the bird dog.
You want more eyes on your deals to make it more likely to get you cashed out:)

I just got another private lender with 500K available for my partner and I to buy rehabs/short sales/ sub 2’s

We buy all over the US. Just of course must make math since:)
We have an agreement with the Private lenders to only buy up to 70% ARV. We DO look at up to 85% for case by case deals and present it to them if it makes since.

Will also have 2 sites live here soon for you to list deals on for A lot of investor Eyes to see:) It is simply a Win-Win as it should be:)

I’m an investor with we are wholesalers and we can always use bird dogs to find us deals. So it is not simply some investor over seeing the deals. You should contact the company or talk to a local partner (me) about how it works. It is great. Don’t judge until you know the all the facts. Go into free audios here in the website and listen to Mike Collins free download about the company.

I tried to sign up to see how I could be the contact for my county but it was taken (now I know that it was taken by Tony Chicago). They still keep calling me though; we’ve been playing phone tag ever since.

One issue though–this is the first REI thing that I signed up for using my personal mobile phone, and now I’ve been getting 5 or more pre-recorded calls DAILY from lenders specializing in rehabs. Ah, well the sign up form does say that they would never sell or rent my “name”, but they didn’t say anything about selling/renting my number. So I guess it is my bad for reading the fine print, but not noticing the slick print.

Yeah, I have Dupage County. Did you ask about other counties? You don’t need to live in the county to be the local partner.

Oh, you have DuPage? I’m sorry, I thought you had Cook County because of the “Chicago” in your handle. Well as you know, Cook is huge (5 mil folks, 2 mil houses), and right now as a beginner I really don’t want to branch out to far out although I was thinking about Lake County Indiana since I actually live on the border (I’m six blocks west of Hammond). Now that you mention it though, maybe this would be a great way for me to learn about other counties anyway. I’m interested, but now I have to see how many more calls I get from rehab lenders that miraculously got my private number the day I signed up on rehablist. I know it is not the crime of the century, but it is kind of shady.

I would go for Lake County, Ind. There is probably some terrific deals to be had over there. I never received any phone calls that you are talking about. Don’t think of it as shady. The people running Rehablist are really nice. With regards to DuPage County, the main source of business for me over there will be developers. Teardowns!!

Remember one thing, you sign up with, you have to treat like a buisness. You need to market yourself, advertise, the whole bit if you want to be successful.

Yes, Lake County seems to be really ripe for the picking. I spend quite a bit of time in Hammond because I live so close and my ex husband lives in East Chicago so I’m always dropping my son off for visits.

Since my last posting I’ve heard from the folks at rehablist. They are very nice and apologized for what they call “a very strange coincidence.”

I think I am going to take a chance on them if I can secure a county. At $200, it certainly couldn’t hurt to add a program like this to my business plan. But like you mentioned Tony, it does need to be properly executed. So I plan to spend a great deal of time scouring their forums and reaching out to some of the other members. If “my” county is gone before that, I will just have to woman-up and go for a county further out.

Thanks you, Tony, for the extra encouragement. How long have you been working with rehablist? When will you start putting listings up for Dupage? I’ve started looking at how other people’s listings are set up and was just curious about yours.


I started with Rehablist 2 weeks ago. I don’t have any listing yet. I’m currently trying to wholesale some properties in cook county. Once I get these wholesaled, and receive my assignment fees, I’m going to take some of this money and advertise the “you know what” out of these developers and Realtor’s. in DuPage County and continue to work Cook County outside of Rehablist. Just because you are in Rehablist, does not mean you can’t work else where.

Also, do not, I repeat do not (this plagued me for a long time) think too much about everything. Just sart doing deals. People are out there to assist you if you run into a snag. Remember, if there is equity in a rehab property, people will buy.

Stay in touch!